Will the screen rip or tear?

No. The screen is a very durable polyester material that cannot be ripped or torn, even if you fall against it.

Will the screen mildew and mold when it is rolled inside the canister?

No. The screen material is non-porous, so mildew and mold can’t penetrate the surface. The integral wiper blade squeegees the wet screen as it rolls up. Water, soap, and dirt are wiped off automatically, keeping the screen mold and mildew free.

Can I custom fit my Shower screen?

Yes! Simply cut the tracks down to your size and the screen will roll out to size.

How is the screen cleaned?

We recommend once every two months you use a non-abrasive cleanser and wipe the entire surface (front and back). Let the screen dry before retracting.

How long will the screen last?

We guarantee the screen will last for five years. Normal household usage is ten years or more.

Can the screen be replaced?

Yes. A replacement screen can be purchased. Installation is quick and easy, simply snap the new screen into the existing frame.